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Chocolate Flower Boxes - A Story Of Wonder and Gratitude

Love's First Rose | Chocolate Flower Box | Made With Mia

Since launching our chocolate flower boxes and chocolate bouquets in January, we have been amazed and delighted by the positive reactions we’ve received. We absolutely love reading our Facebook comments and seeing the emojis on our posts.

How did our chocolate flower boxes come to be? Well, it was a combination of timing, inspiration and a wonderful reaction that made us think “we have to offer these to the world”.

Like the best things in life, our chocolate flowers started as a gift. A one-off present for a friend of Allie’s, who was desperate to find a unique and special gift for a hen do. On the spot, Allie came up with the idea of a shareable chocolate box arranged as a flower bouquet. Having years of experience working with chocolate, she decided to design and make it as a present.

We were absolutely astounded by the reaction that chocolate flower box prompted. We were equally amazed by the additional requests for boxes that came from others seeing that one-off gift. Allie made a few more gifts for friends and relations, and we were always gratified by that wonderful expression upon someone opening the box and seeing the chocolate flowers for the first time. One of our favourite experiences was delivering a chocolate bouquet directly to a friend, only to have his mother answer the door - “Oh Robert, it’s lovely”, she breathed. The bouquet in question was actually for Robert’s partner, so we went home and created a second batch of flowers post-haste.

We decided we needed to bring our product to market. There was a hunt for suitable premises, new processes put in place, investments made - a move from candle making to chocolate production is a big one.

It was absolutely worth it. Outside of the online Mia-verse, we sell to people face to face. Without that look of absolute wonder our customers have when we show them a new chocolate flower box design, it’s possible we would never have even thought to release it more widely.

That’s why we’re forever grateful for our friends, family, customers, and everyone who has made our journey possible. We’re committed to coming up with new designs all the time - we have some great ideas for Mother’s Day Chocolate Bouquets and Boxes that we’re refining at the moment. We look forward to sharing them with you, and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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