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Meet the Team

Meet the Made with Mia team! We're a small family-run business who care deeply about the quality of our products, and ensuring every customer receives the highest standard of service. Founded in 2020, we specialise in unique, quirky gift designs inspired by everything from volcanoes to candy.

Allie | Made With Mia | Handmade Candles


Head of Manufacturing

Hi, I'm Allie. I've been making chocolate and candles for nearly ten years. Matt and I work together to come up with new designs, and then I do the hard work of turning them into a reality! When I'm not being a chocolatier or candlemaker, I enjoy growing things on our allotment, travelling, and making handmade chocolates.

Matt | Made With Mia | Handmade Candles


Marketing Guy

I'm Matt. I look after the Made with Mia website, alongside our social media channels. I'm also a keen software engineer. Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games, weight training, and playing guitar.