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Rewards Program Launch!

Allie and I are very excited to announce the launch of the Made With Mia rewards program! We wanted to give something back to everyone who has supported us through the first two years of our business, and this seemed like a nice way to do it :D.

You may notice there’s a little “Reward” tab on the bottom right of our website:

Rewards Location

This rewards you with points for taking actions on our website, such as leaving reviews and sharing our Facebook page. For every 100 points you earn, you can claim a £1 discount on your next order.

Some of the actions you can take are:

Write a review - 50 points.
Sign up for account - 100 points. That’s an immediate £1 off your next order!
Like our Facebook page - 20 points.
Share our Facebook link - 50 points.
Additionally, for every £1 you spend with us, you’ll immediately earn 10 points. :)

So, whether you’re after Chocolate Flower Boxes, Chocolate Bouquets, or unique scented candle designs, you’ll now be rewarded for the time you spend with us :).